Face turned into ice cube for the masses

I was reading about Sir Richard Branson having a perfect reproduction of his head in ice, to offer to first class passengers of Virgin Airlines; while reading it I got really sorry for the people not rich enough to have his own face scanned with lasers, modelled by a team of 3D modellers, and then printed in ice. It was so sad that I decided to devote my life to the search of a solution for this problem.


After months of hard research, a lot of ice cubes melting on my desk to understand better the problem, I finally found out the solution.

As soon as possible I will release an app that makes possible to have an ice cube with your face modelled in it, starting from a picture of you.

Sir Richard Branson, I am really sorry for you but I really think everybody has the right to have his own face printed on an ice cube!










About sergiogiucastro

Software developer, IT security expert, having fun for more then 15 years of professional experience, from Windows95 to Android :)

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