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Little update from Jellify.

In this screen you can see for the first time the main characters of the game: the evil wizard (on the left) and the good heroes (on the right).

You can choose to stay on the evil side, and trasform your friends on Facebook in jelly candies or ice statues, or you can play on the good side, turning them back into their original aspect!

For more information, screenshots and details, please contact me at


Work in Progress #1

Did you ever wonder how does it feel to be Han Solo sealed in carbonite, or a gummy bear?

I’m working on it, it is possible, in realtime, with some light reflections and refractions (GPU) + face detection and image processing (CPU), on Android.

It is funny to see how my face fits Han Solo body, or a gummy bear candy 🙂

The shaders still miss a lot of math (es. Fresnel equations), but the result is good enough to release some screenshot!

By the way, Han Solo is sealed in ice or crystal, black carbonite version is coming soon.